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How many birds can you Lead? Grow your Flock of Birds and lead them through a Castle. How far can you lead the birds avoiding pillars?
Just tap to flap.
Check out online players - and beat their scores :)
Collect berries as you go and use berries to upgrade power-ups. Enjoy awesome power up effects, light soothing music, crisp graphics and fun zone chariot ride. Get rewarded with potions by completing 30 plus achievements and Time Bonus. Use potions to revive (save me) in game and reach higher scores.
Features: - Free birds and Lead Birds- Challenge Mode - Beat Other Players - Soothing background music & SFX - 30 plus Achievements - Time Bonus - In Game Revive - Upgrade Power ups - Progressively challenging.
Stretch your limits: free birds, lead birds, grow your Flock and attain high scores!!!!
Disclamer : it's not a Flappy Bird , Angry Bird , Floppy Bird, Clumsy Bird, Happy Bird or other remakes, The game play is very different where you lead a Flock of Birds and increase the Flock by freeing Birds.
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